Dog Breath Yoga


Testimonial: “Amazing is the only word to describe the change in our dog’s attitude toward/behavior around Maryellen and his food bowl. Cisco (an eight month old Shiba Inu mix) had begun to guard his bowl when eating, so we asked if Maryellen could show us some techniques to get control of the situation and the bowl. Within 10 minutes our pooch went from Cujo to a calm dog standing out of the room wating for permission to enter even though his coveted bowl was at Maryellen’s feet. It was clearly Maryellen’s posture, energy, and ownership of the situation that turned Cisco around. She was calm as a cucumber even when he snarled, snapped and even bit her foot when she scooted the bowl across the floor (thank goodness for sturdy shoes). Since that calmness and energy is taught in Dog Breath Yoga through a series of simple breathing techniques and standing postures, all I have to say is sign me up!! – M. Norris

Doga- Yoga For You and Your Dog

Yoga is a very popular way for people to center themselves and live a healthier, calmer life. Now your dog can get the same benefits from yoga! At Creekside Critter Care, we will teach you to use your breath and posture to calm your dog and assert yourself as a confident leader.

Our doga classes will help you use yogic principles to improve the way you communicate with your dog. Breath, posture, and intention are all important factors in creating an environment that will help your dog thrive. Since your dog picks up non-verbal signals from you, our doga class will help you communicate with your pet in a calm and authoritative way. This can be beneficial in a variety of different situations, particularly when you are trying to train your dog. While your dog will not need to learn any yoga poses, they will become relaxed and more focused simply because your energy has changed.

Contact us today to learn more about our doga classes and how they can benefit your pet.

Starting 2014: Sunday Doga classes will be held Sundays at 11am at Cobber’s Pet Pantry, 1415 Blake St, Enumclaw – Cost: $10